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A large part of a bank’s success — or lack thereof — is owed to their customer service. Given that banks and their services largely revolve around their customers, it makes sense that they’re expected to deliver on top-notch customer care consistently. However, the scenario is quite different on the ground. Many customers experience absurd lengths of waiting time on calls and emails, and often have to run from pillar to post to resolve their issues. A study by IIBF even shows that private banks rank the lowest in the categories of reliability, empathy, responsiveness, assurance and tangibility (source).

Naturally, then, banks need to undergo a transformation in their customer service across income levels and cities in the country. …

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develop mobile real time chat app

“At least 97% of the mobile users text regularly ”

According to Axway, Marketing Charts, “70% of smartphone owners say that messaging is one of the top 5 uses of their devices. That’s 13% higher than any other smartphone feature.”

Business enterprises use Chat apps as the most preferred mode of communication when compared to other media. Building an effective communication channel in any workforce enhances the business to grow to its full potential as it provides all the functionalities in an easy and effective way. …

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Twilio & plivo alternatives

An effective communication system is the need of the hour where networking in the corporate business world is the single driving force to make any businesses to grow and reach out to potential clients instantly. At the same time, the providers should offer an enterprise level standard and scalable model that supports billions of users at the same time with minimal latency rates. Choosing the right real-time communication provider can be overwhelming with a lot of choices in today’s market. But with the right resources and analysis it saves cost and increases productivity as well.

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